Tour Escort/ Tour Leader

alvaro mejia smartwayperuThis is an additional and optional service for individuals and groups of any size.

My job consists of joining you on your adventure or part of it, overseeing all areas of your trip in order to make sure everything runs perfectly as planned and everyone ends up satisfied and happy. It includes dealing with logistics at a more meticulous level than the one that can be reached as a vacation planner because it involves a more personalized service and my physical presence at each destination.

This optional service gives you the opportunity to learn more about the local culture, daily life, and the secrets of the area that are known only by a regional tourism expert.

It can also include, according to your requirements:

  • Showing up at the airport to welcome you and accompany you all the way to your hotel or vice-versa.
  • Joining you on the tours, excursions and going with you to the different tourist sites, landmarks, and to optional activities like social events, shows, bars, discos, sports events, meals or to other areas in town.
  • Accompanying you shopping and helping you to get good deals in souvenir shops and handicraft markets.
  • Assisting you with changes you may want to make to your itinerary for any reason, including situations out of control like natural disasters, strikes, emergencies, etc.
  • Showing you how to get around the area.
  • Getting entrance fees for the different tourist attractions or shows.
  • Becoming an interpreter to communicate with locals.

You can hire my services for hours, days or weeks. There is no minimum length of time.

In case you are interested in hiring me as your tour escort/tour leader, please send me a request to send you a quote.