How It Works

I am here to help you as an independent vacation planner, and travel coach, providing guidance, consultancy, and advice to create a tailor-made itinerary for you. It includes or may include, helping you arrange tours, transfers, excursions, treks, buses, trains, local flights, hotels, admission tickets to different tourist sites, and other sites.

These are the three services I can offer you :


Let´s come together for a chat on Zoom or WhatsApp!

Ideal for travellers with specific enquiries or questions about their trip planning.

Advice can be provided about options for lodging , tours, excursions joining a group or as private services as well as activities you may want to do, and places you may decide to go by yourself. All this advice is given depending on your interests, needs, budget and travel purpose. 

Not sure yet, what your priorities, focus and expectations are for your trip? During and after our meeting, you can gain a better understanding of your motivations, and that will help you get the right mindset to decide where to go, what to visit, see, and experience, and the best way to do it following to your traveller´s profile. Bear in mind that  is your trip to Peru that needs to be adjusted to meet your needs, and not the other way around. As an outcome , you will be able to enjoy Peru at its best , or as I prefer to say «the smart way»😊

Prices from $99 for a maximum of three working hours, including a one hour meeting via Zoom or WhatsApp. Contact me for more details about my Travel and/or coaching consultancy service.


Besides all described in my Travel planning and/ or travel coaching consultancy service, I will design a tailor-made itinerary for you, considering your needs, interests, budget, and travel purpose. This may include recommendations for lodging, tours, excursions, activities, transfers, transportation, shows, etc. You decide if you want to join different group tours, book private tours, visit places by yourself, and stay in hotels, hostels, or private properties like Airbnb.

Not included in the price, but as a complimentary extended service, you can also contact me by WhatsApp and Email during your trip to Peru, for any extra assistance you may need that can be provided on the phone related to your stay in Peru according to the itinerary I organized for you sides all described in my Travel planning and/ or travel coaching consultancy service, I will design a tailor-made itinerary for you. All questions and doubts about lodging, transportation, or tour operations during your trip should be addressed directly to the different service providers.

Price from $259 for a trip of up to 8 days for a maximum 5 people travelling together on the same itinerary. Extra day $30.

Ask for my prices for 6+ people travelling together or travellers on different itineraries. Contact me for more details about my personalized travel planning and itinerary service.


You can access the best prices from tour operators and hotels after I negotiate with them on your behalf.

Tour operators have different standards and specializations, some of them are experts at trekking ,while others may be at sightseeing tours or adventure tours. Not all of them work with the offline or online travel agency you may choose to book your tour with.

Price from $59 depending on the number of companies I need to negotiate with, the number of travellers, and the amount of money I make you save.😊

Contact me for more details about my price negotiation with tour operators and hotels service.