Smart Way Peru is an innovative alternative for arranging your vacation in Peru, offering you freedom, price transparency, and the invaluable service of a local and expert vacation planner and travel coach: Aviel Haim a.k.a Alvaro.

You will get access to conventional and non-conventional ways to discover Peru guided step by step by your vacation planner and travel coach, considering your interests, special needs, budget, and travel purpose. All this focused on designing an unbiased tailor-made itinerary to let you have an authentic, meaningful, memorable, and enriching travel experience.


  1. Personal online meeting with your vacation planner/travel coach.
  2. Travel planning and coaching service.
  3. Unbiased travel professional advice and price transparency.
  4. Freedom to choose your tour operators with direct contact.
  5. Freedom to choose where to stay and what to do.
  6. Tailor-made itinerary according to your traveller´s profile.
  7. Communication with your travel coach during your trip.
  8. Access to special and negotiated prices.

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